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  • Update - 10/27/20 - Artwork | Lookaway CMS

    A new feature was rolled out today. It is called "Artwork" and allows members to add additional data to uploaded images to create Visuals

  • Update - 05/21/21 | Lookaway CMS

    Today a major update to Lookaway CMS has been pushed to a branch named “release_v1_candidate”. This site will be using the release_v1_candidate branch.

  • Update - 02/08/21 | Lookaway Information

    The website Lookaway Information is back online and is now hosted 100% independently.

  • Update - 06/08/21 | Lookaway CMS

    Release Candidate v1 is almost complete. In today's update, inline add buttons for Documentation Sections now pre-populate parent doc and order fields.

  • Update - 02/08/21 | Lookaway CMS

    You will now see your unpublished objects in the Member list views and in Tag list views. I also added some scripts for Lookaway CMS deployment on Ubuntu.

  • All Lookaway Data Migrated Out of Amazon Web Services

    In response to a decision by AWS, all Lookaway Information site data has been moved to a private server and has been purged from their infrastructure.

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  • Create and Activate a Virtual Environment - Python Development

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  • Lookaway CMS Initialization - Ubuntu 20

    Learn how to initialize all of the modules, files, and configurations for a fresh production Lookaway CMS installation on a server running Ubuntu Server 20

  • Lookaway CMS Database Configuration - Postgresql 10

    Learn how to configure a Postgresql database and role for use with Lookaway CMS

  • Installing Lookaway CMS Services - Ubuntu 20

    Learn how to install the services needed to run a production server using Ubuntu Server 20

  • Lookaway CMS Production Server - Ubuntu 20

    Learn how to deploy Lookaway CMS onto a public webserver using Ubuntu 20.04 and PostgreSQL 10.

  • Lookaway Web Application Architecture on AWS - A Moot Point

    A proposed architecture for the Lookaway web application to run on Amazon Web Services.

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