Technology: IoT


  • Deliverable Neighborhoods - Coming 2023

    Now City offers deliverable neighborhoods in 2023. Check out my friend's project.

  • Got a Makeover - NIST - The official US time.

    I used to use for various things back before smartphones came out. I just went to go check the time using for the first time in a while.

  • Michael Rectenwald: Google Archipelago - Repost

    Another great interview on Geopolitics and Empire Podcast. Michael Rectenwald lays out a grim prophecy and outlines the long term goals of big Tech.

  • Information

  • Curriculum Vitae - Kyle Bruder

    IT Specialist with a strong background in Development Operations, Linux systems, and IP network administration.

  • Lookaway CMS Appliance Prototype

    How I built the first Lookaway CMS web server appliance prototype using a Banana-pi W2 board and a pair of SSDs.